Spiderman a Marlin?

MIAMI — It seems like the Marlins could have a Spiderman in the making at the Double A level.

Thumbnail image for mlb_a_maybin_200.jpgCenter field prospect Cameron Maybin re-emerged into the starting lineup for Double-A Carolina on Wednesday — going 0-for-3 with a strikeout — for the first time since Aug. 21. The result for his recent absence? Maybin suffered a staph infection on his left cheek, which swelled up and forced him to go to the hospital.

Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said it might’ve been due to a spider bite, but Maybin said he wasn’t sure how it happened.

But you can only hope, can’t you?

If a simple spider can give skinny Peter Parker the abililty to shoot webs, fly through tall buildings and beat up on superhuman bad guys, then why can’t it make the Marlins’ potential leadoff guy a better contact hitter? — Maybin has 61 more strikeouts than walks this season.

Just a thought.

– Alden Gonzalez, associate reporter/MLB.com

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