Dodgers’ Minor League statistical year in review

Below is a snapshot of the top producers in the Dodgers’ Minor League system this season from a statistical point of view, taking a look at the players who led each of the Dodgers’ respective farm teams in major statistical categories.

The stats provide a solid baseline to see which players enjoyed the best seasons, but level-based stats do not take into account numbers put up by a promoted player after leaving the level he dominated most of the season.

Be sure to check out this Minor League feature on for a more complete wrap-up of the Dodgers’ Minor League system in 2008 with comment from player development director De Jon Watson and scouting director Logan White.

Triple-A Las Vegas
Batting Average: Terry Tiffee, .378 (First, Pacific Coast League)
Vegas Logo.gifOPS: Tiffee, .978 (Sixth)
Homers: John Lindsey, 26
RBIs: Lindsey, 100 (T Fifth)
SBs: Jason Repko, 20 (T Sixth)
Wins: Jason Johnson, 11 (T Third)
ERA: Eric Stults, 3.82 (Fourth)
WHIP: Stults, 1.30 (Fourth)
Strikeouts: Stults, 102
Saves: Brian Falkenborg, 13 (T Sixth)

Double-A Jacksonville
Batting Average: Ivan De Jesus, .324 (Fifth, Southern League)
Jacksonville Logo.gifOPS: De Jesus, .843
Homers: Russell Mitchell, 16 (T Eighth)
RBIs: Mitchell, 75
SBs: Adam Godwin, 31 (Fourth)
Wins: Jesus Castillo, 7
ERA: James McDonald, 3.19 (Second)
WHIP: McDonald, 1.21 (Third)
Strikeouts: McDonald, 113 (Ninth)
Saves: Brent Leach, 12 (Sixth)

Class A Advanced Inland Empire
Batting Average: Andrew Locke, .311 (Fifth, California League)
Inland Empire Logo.gifOPS: Thomas Giles, .862
Homers: Giles, 22 (T Third)
RBIs: Giles, 100 (Second)
SBs: Jaime Pedroza, 25
Wins: Josh Wall, 9
ERA: Alberto Bastardo, 5.19
WHIP: Bastardo, 1.54
Strikeouts: Bastardo, 109
Saves: Paul Koss, 14 (Sixth)

Class A Great Lakes
Batting Average: Andrew Lambo, .288
Great Lakes Logo.gifOPS: Lambo, .807 (T Fifth, Midwest League)
Homers: Lambo, 15
RBIs: Lambo, 79 (Sixth)
SBs: Jovanny Rosario, 39 (Fifth)
Wins: Steve Johnson, 9
ERA: Justin Miller, 3.99
WHIP: Given Kutz, 1.21
Strikeouts: Victor Garate, 103
Saves: Miguel Ramirez, 20 (Third)

Class A Short-Season Ogden
Batting Average: Devaris Gordon, .331 (T Third, Pioneer League)
Ogden Logo.gifOPS: Kyle Russell, .900 (Sixth)
Homers: Pedro Baez, 12 (T Sixth)
RBIs: Baez, 50 (Sixth)
SBs: Gordon, 18 (Sixth)
Wins: Michael Watt, Jonathan Dutton, 9 (T First)
ERA: Geison Aguasviva, 2.90 (Third)
WHIP: Aguasviva, 1.37
Strikeouts: Watt, 79 (Fifth)
Saves: Luis Garcia, 9 (Second)

Rookie Gulf Coast Dodgers
Batting Average: Rafael Ynoa, .306
Gulf Coast Logo.gifOPS: Jerry Sands, .784
Homers: Sands, 10 (T Second, Gulf Coast League)
RBIs: Sands, 33 (T Third)
SBs: Ramon Jean, 10
Wins: Edwin Contreras, 5 (T Third)
ERA: Contreras, 2.30 (Fourth)
WHIP: Elisaul Pimentel, 1.00 (Third)
Strikeouts: Eduardo Perez, 48
Saves: Beyker Fructuoso, Fredy Quintero, Luis Ferreras, 2

Rookie Santo Domingo Dodgers
Batting Average: Enlly Morales, .305
Santo Domingo Logo.gifOPS: Morales, .805
Homers: Bladimir Franco, 5
RBIs: Morales, 25
SBs: Yorniel Martinez, 11
Wins: Charlie Mirabal, 5
ERA: Antonio Castillo, 1.18 (Fourth, Dominican Summer League)
WHIP: Castillo, 0.80 (Fourth)
Strikeouts: Castillo, 74
Saves: Mirabal, Yennifree Hanson, 3

— Michael Schwartz

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